Bohemia Saxophone Quartet

Antonín Mühlhansl 

Antonín Mühlhansl (1975)

Antonín Mühlhansl is a uniquely versatile musician, whose interpretational ability focuses on the usage of the saxophone as a classical concert instrument. He has performed as a soloist with Bohemian and Moravian philharmonic orchestras, has played recitals and contemporary music, and is a sought after orchestral and studio musician, playing on all types of saxophones and clarinets. He has recorded music for both the Czech Radio and Television, has taken part in a number of music or theater projects, musical and multi-genre productions, and has worked on stage with leading Czech artists and ensembles. 

After finishing a grammar school in Boskovice Antonín Mühlhansl studied the clarinet at Brno Conservatory (graduated in 1997) and the Academy of Music JAMU (graduated in 2002). He has also played the saxophone since 1994, because of his interest in jazz music, which he has played in various jazz ensembles and big bands. He has performed with the Gustav Brom Orchestra, Karel Vlach Orchestra and Music Theatre Karlín Orchestra, and has been a guest soloist with the Blue Star Orchestra, which specializes in the interpretation of the swing music of the 30´s and 40´s of the last century. He is a leader of the sax section of the professional B-Side Band big band of Brno, one of the best in this category in the Czech Republic. Since 2006 he has been a member of the orchestra of the Municipal Theatre of Brno, a leading body in current European theatre.  

Antonín is also interested in alternative and original music forms, and has performed with his own group Quakvarteto, whose style is unidentified, but quite distinct. In this formation he has gained experience of an intuitive bond among musical and human qualities, as well as of testing the atmosphere of audience through the means of collective improvisation.

His membership in the Bohemia Saxophone Quartet (since 2003 on the alto) has been a fulfilment of his artistic ambition of chamber ensemble saxophone playing and his own professional growth. In 2005 he initiated the foundation of the Moravia Saxophone Quartet. Antonín has further studied at International Courses of Interpretation in Ostrava (2004 – 2009) under the guidance of Philippe Portejoie (France), and in 2009 passed the course of the Berlin educator and sax player Detlef Bensman (Germany). He has also formed a duo with the pianist Dagmar Mühlhansl for the purpose of interpretation of the classical and Czech saxophone literature, and has performed or even premiered compositions of some contemporary composers.

At present Antonín Mühlhansl works with the conductor Miloš Machek and performs as a soloist on both the sax and clarinet in his projects of educational concerts for children and concerts focused on popular or rock music. As a teacher he has been giving private lessons and consultations, and since 2013 has taught at the Conservatory of P.J.Vejvanovský in Kroměříž.

Antonín Mühlhansl plays in the Bohemia Saxophone Quartet on the Selmer Serie III alto sax, the Selmer 90 – 180 mouthpiece, the BG Tradition Gold Plated ligature and Vandoren V5 and V12 reeds, No.3 and 3, 5.    

   Antonín Mühlhansl Antonín Mühlhansl Antonín Mühlhansl Antonín Mühlhansl